“CARING Housing Ministries is dedicated to providing a safe, clean and well-maintained home for our residents. Our intent is to provide those in need with a home they can be proud of and make memories in.”

Vanessa Lombardo , Director of Operations

Who We Serve

The distinctive qualities that set CARING Housing Ministries apart from other providers of affordable housing communities begins with our approach. At our communities throughout the Western United States, you will never hear us call our residents, tenants.

One of our main missions is to preserve the value of individuals by recognizing our residents as human beings first and then tailoring our services to their needs. Not only are we equipped to capably handle the different challenges in our field of work, but we understand the circumstances of the people we serve and look to provide services that meet needs while maximizing dignity.

A good portion of CARING Housing Ministries’ communities are occupied by families with children and residents who require far more than a roof over their head. Housing is their base requirement, but they may also need to learn parenting skills, secure transportation, look for jobs and, sometimes, learn basic English skills. Because we are, by our very nature, collaborators, we reach out into the community to bring in the proper services to help our residents.

Elderly Residents
CARING Housing Ministries has successfully partnered with outside groups to bring grant money to elderly residents in order to minimize their financial risk and improve their access to supportive services through resident service coordinator grants in such areas as transportation, socialization, activities of daily living and medical care.

Residents Diagnosed with a Chronic Mental Illness
CARING Housing Ministries joins together with The Homes for Life Foundation to bring in needed services and case management for people diagnosed with a chronic mental illness, thereby enabling them to live independently instead of being institutionalized or living on the streets.

Residents with Sight, Hearing, and Mobility Impairments
Many CARING Housing Ministries communities have special design features to accommodate residents with sight-, mobility- and hearing-impairments — a rarity in affordable housing communities.

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