"CARING Housing Ministries has inspired me to quickly and efficiently determine the scope of work to be done and creatively and compassionately work with residents and staff to the best of my ability.”

Mark McClure
Administrator, Emerson Village and Access Village

Our Approach to Work

At CARING Housing Ministries, we firmly believe that one caring person makes a difference. We are fortunate to be staffed by individuals who express their caring by giving of themselves through their service and their time. We know that time is among the most valuable resource for anyone. You can’t pay our employees enough for that. Those who work here do so because they want to put in the time and effort and for the payback of helping make dreams come true for our residents.

Our staff, from top management to hourly employees, come to the organization with the yearning to improve the lives of others, and that mission is further strengthened as we become engrossed in the daily process of purpose-driven work. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that in our staff surveys, we score over 90% in job satisfaction and staff referrals to friends.

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