CARING Housing Ministries’ ability to access and manage the collaborative expertise of government agencies, lending partners, development consultants, foundations, not-for-profit sponsors and our management team is key to achieving our objectives of providing quality affordable living environments for our residents. When we bring all those pieces to the table, we assure lenders, government agencies, neighbors and communities that we will have a quality product.

Equally important is a detailed knowledge of everything from land resourcing to federal program regulations, including IRS programs, to redevelopment and financing. CARING Housing Ministries’ understanding of locally, federally and privately funded programs and the cooperation it receives from both for-profit and non-profit groups makes us uniquely capable of serving varied populations. An area of special consideration for us is the service field expertise that enables our communities to receive needed funding and tax credits, as well as support and services for special needs residents.

CARING Housing Ministries’ great experience in community development and management has given us the tools to bring together all the necessary elements to secure funding, oversee construction and maintain the ongoing success of our communities once they are finished and residents begin to make a home for themselves.