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The CARING Approach

As part of Front Porch, the distinctive qualities that set CARING Housing Ministries apart from others in the affordable housing field of service begins with our approach. It’s about managing relationships, not properties. This unique point of view forms the foundation of our mission to create, nurture and preserve quality affordable housing communities that enrich the lives of our residents.

Our committed staff, collaborative relationships with partners and outside agencies, extensive knowledge of the field and vast experience are key to our goal of creating living environments that our residents are proud to call home.

“CARING Housing Ministries maintains high quality standards at the communities it serves and is a vital link for expanding the availability of affordable housing through its network of partners.”
Sean Kelly, CEO, Front Porch
We foster successful ongoing relationships and aim to maintain communities that are both fiscally and socially fit. Our staff receives training to balance our understanding of human need with the regulations and programs involved with affordable housing. It is how we can effectively manage the needs of our communities with that of our business.
At CARING Housing Ministries, we firmly believe everyone deserves a good home. As an organization of like-minded, kind-hearted people, we are dedicated to serving others the best way we know how—through quality affordable housing. We see people first in our business, so we choose to manage relationships, not properties. This unique point of view is precisely what sets us apart and forms the foundation of our mission.
Like the depth of our experience and expertise, our desire is to serve others. We strive to do what is humanly possible for our residents and have the infrastructure in place to handle the needs of our residents and the needs of a thriving business. We are here to help those people in need to find a place to proudly call home – a space they can call their own. That is what drives us.

Our Leadership

“I am honored to work with such talented and passionate team members who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to offering our residents a place they are proud to call home.”
Soraya S. Diaz, President of CARING Housing Ministries
“CARING Housing Ministries is dedicated to providing a safe, clean and well-maintained home for our residents. Our intent is to provide those in need with a home they can be proud of and make memories in.”
Vanessa Lombardo
Director of Operations
“Our clients expect and value accurate and timely information and clear answers to their questions. We take great pride in meeting those expectations.”
Joe Miller
Director of Finance and Risk Management
“The potential for future growth is there with every employee. With training, initiative, and the ability to live the CARING Housing Ministries philosophy, anything is possible.”
Barbara Schwerdt
Director of Training and Education
“One of the keys to CARING Housing Ministries’ successful relationships with our clients is providing accurate and timely financial records that meet our clients’ needs.”
Jennie La