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CARING Housing Ministries has grown through our collaborations with other like-minded organizations, who share in our mission of providing quality affordable housing. Each partner we work with is deeply committed to our number one priority of providing safe, clean, decent affordable housing to our residents. Additionally, our shared foundations in business excellence complement our core ethics, enabling partnerships that support the Front Porch Core Values of: Creating Connections, Building Trust, Fostering Collaboration, Leading Responsibly, Inspiring Creativity,  and Embracing Change.

“Our relationship with CARING Housing Ministries has been successful because we share the same basic mission statement: to help people in need.”
Morgan Sly, Retired President, Greater Pomona Housing Development Corporation

Success Stories

CARING Housing Ministries’ ability to facilitate partnerships between foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and other like-minded organizations has been an important part of our success in creating and nurturing affordable housing communities. To see what this looks like, here are a few examples of those successes through partnership.
California Lutheran Homes and Community Services (CLH)
California Lutheran Homes and Community Services (CLH), a non-profit social ministry organization, sponsors several affordable housing communities for seniors in both California and Arizona. CHM brought together several non-profit organizations and government agencies with CLH to successfully create the federal grants to fund affordable housing. CLH also works with churches, such as Grace Lutheran in Santa Barbara and others that want to leave a lasting legacy by donating church buildings or land to meet the needs of the greater community. CLH works closely with congregations to repurpose the properties into affordable housing communities. CHM provides seamless services to these communities through pre-development expertise as well as continuing management services.
Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing
Through its partnership with CHM, the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (FPCIW) identifies real-world human need at CHM-managed communities and addresses those needs by weaving innovative and empowering technology into their lives to support their wellbeing and help them thrive. For example, award-winning projects like the Model eHealth Community for Aging (MeHCA) combines imagination, technology, and partnership to bring vital medical services to underserved individuals with technology-based solutions. Another widely used technology at CHM communities is iN2L, a person-centered interactive engagement tool that helps residents stay connected with friends and families.
Homes for Life Foundation
Homes for Life Foundation's mission is to provide service enriched housing in Los Angeles for individuals with chronic mental illness. CHM partners with HFLF to manage seven of its communities. Through its partnership with CHM, HFLF communities serves more than 100 people diagnosed with a chronic mental illness in Southern California.
Brookmore Apartment Corporation
Brookmore Apartment Corporation in Los Angeles accesses tax credits from state and federal government low-income housing tax credit agencies and programs. Brookmore is the managing general partner in five tax credit limited partnerships in which CHM has provided extensive pre-development and management expertise to insure these low-income housing tax credit applications were successful.


Those who choose to work at CARING Housing Ministries do so out of a commitment to quality affordable housing. We are members of State and National organizations that advocate for the affordable housing industry. The experience gained through these relationships gives our staff a greater understanding of how best to meet the needs of those we serve and makes us an even greater resource for our clients and communities.
CARING can help your manage your community. Contact us today and bring to your residents the care they deserve.
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