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Our Residents

We are here to serve our residents by striving to meet their housing needs while maximizing their dignity. In doing so, we celebrate their rich, diverse backgrounds, understand their unique circumstances and let the spirit of each individual shine through to strengthen the community as a whole.


CARING Housing Ministries has built many successful partnerships in order to improve the residents’ access to supportive services through resident service coordinators grants in such areas as transportation and socialization.

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A good portion of CARING Housing Ministries’ communities are occupied by families with children and residents who require far more than a roof over their head. Housing is their base requirement, but they may also need to learn parenting skills, secure transportation, look for jobs and sometimes, learn basic English skills. Because we are, by our very nature, collaborators, we encourage our staff to reach out into the community to bring in the proper services to help our residents.

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Residents Diagnosed with a Chronic Mental Illness

CARING Housing Ministries joins together with Homes for Life Foundation to bring in much needed services and case management for people diagnosed with a chronic mental illness, so they can live in their homes instead of being institutionalized or live on the streets.

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Residents with Sight, Hearing, and Mobility Impairments

Many CARING Housing Ministries communities have special design features to accommodate residents with sight, mobility, and hearing impairments.

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“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Dr. Maya Angelo
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