“With CARING Housing Ministries, the heart comes first and the management is adapted to that.”

Pete Charles Gross , Board President, Seaview Lutheran Plaza

Tools for Management

CARING Housing Ministries has identified a number of characteristics that are critical to successfully operating an affordable housing community. Focusing on these keys for success enable us to consistently satisfy the varying needs of our residents, while providing the appropriate leadership in what can be an extremely difficult and complicated structure:

  • Property management/community maintenance
  • Occupancy/eligibility management
  • Reserve stewardship/budget development
  • Service coordination/resident satisfaction
  • Training curriculum for staff
  • Education for board members and owners
  • Operational Policies & Procedures in writing
  • Effective staff performance evaluation and development
  • Effective management review response

CARING Housing Ministries’ management encompasses both the daily administration of properties and long-term objectives geared toward continuous growth and improvement. Our staff’s knowledge of affordable housing eligibility requirements goes hand-in-hand with our service coordination skills—first staff identifies needs, then strives to satisfy them.

Through our expertise and experience, we have developed best-in-class practices, tools and resources that our staff work closely with our partners to implement. This effectively ensures both the operational success and resident satisfaction of all CARING Housing Ministries’ managed communities. The results, and our resident satisfaction survey results, speak for themselves. And, our solid fiscal management underscores our continued success.

"CARING Housing Ministries is at the forefront of affordable housing providers because it is true to its name, and it is backed up with efficient management, effective staff and extensive knowledge."

— Nancy Lewis
Principal—Nancy Lewis and Associates